More job hopes

So I was doing the craigslist job search that I do periodically, searching “veterinary” through the entire Jobs category, and as usual it’s mostly reception jobs and vet tech stuff where you have to have experience and either be licensed or eligible. But then this time there was another, for an assistant. And actual one. At the exotic animal place in manhattan that I was looking at a few months ago. They said experience is nice but not required. It’s part time and pays ten bucks an hour. And I got really freaking excited, and applied. There was also another that sounded kind of better, but was at a normal vet place, and was full time, and I applied there too. And then I thought, oh dear, I just applied to that theater job across the country, what if they call me, and I have to make that choice? and then I realized that I was way more excited about a part time job that pays crap than a salaried job at a place I like. So, yeah. I think I’m done with theater. Interesting realization. I really hope the vet place calls me. I applied friday, so it’s a little early. But they had posted it a few days before. I hope I wasn’t too late. We’ll see.


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