Random collection of blather

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have a popsicle addiction. For serious. There’s something about winter that makes me want to sit in a warm house and eat cold things. I finally counted, and right now I have 55 popsicle sticks beside my bed, and I know I’ve actually eaten way more this winter. I’ve just thrown them away, or they’re on my floor from when I threw them at the cats so they’d stop fighting. I finally realized, the last time I bought them, how expensive they are. Freaking 5 dollars a box. I need my own popsicle molds.

I’m trying to find a countdown widget for Namibia, but it’s turning out harder than I thought, somehow. According to calculations, though, it’s 1 month, 1 week and 1 day away. Holy crap. Also, I made that phone call I was so scared about and it was super easy. It took two minutes. Literally. Glad I survived that. And now we’re set for one more place, including dinner. We just need to decide on where to stay the last night that we’re there. And reserve the stuff with the cheetahs. A couple of the things I want to do there you have to reserve a week in advance. I wonder if they’ll think I’m nuts if I call them now.

Of course, as soon as I give in to wanting pasta and buy stuff for that, John and I go out for sushi, and that seems to kill the pasta hunger. But now I have all this stuff. Oh well. It’s not like I don’t like it anymore. I just kind of want more sushi. Or thai food. Or tacos. Not that I’d make any of those. So really, I’m better off stuck with my pasta.

I was going through my wallet the other day to clean it out and came across my northern california blood donor card, so I started trying to find places here to donate. Oddly enough, the red cross is totally useless here. Unless I want to go to new jersey. Or upstate new york. So I did what one should do in these situations and asked on facebook if anyone knew where to go. And found that NY blood centers are everywhere. So I’ll go do that sometime this week. I’m debating making an appointment. I don’t want to, but I don’t really have a reason for not wanting to. Another thing to just get over.

I was looking for those fingerless glove/mitten things (which apparently are commonly known as ‘glittens’ which is somehow sort of gross to me) and found some on etsy where they stitch words onto the half fingers. They showed up a couple days ago.

I am way more excited about them than I thought I’d be. I debated what to get for a really long time, and almost went with the good, but hackneyed “pow! bam!”  And then I did a search for eight letter words, and got a whole freaking list of all possible. There are a lot. I hadn’t really considered that. But aardvark was, clearly, one of the first, and it struck me as funny and weird, and if someone just sees one they won’t be able to draw conclusions. I actually like aardwolves a little better (though aardvarks totally win in the ear department) but then someone might see just “wolf” and then think I’m the type of person who wants to be a wolf. Or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with wolves. I just don’t really associate with them. I thought about felidae, but it’s seven letters, and that cat food company sort of killed that. Long story short, I went with aardvark, and then they showed up and I couldn’t stop shoving my hands in peoples faces and saying “aarvark!” so I think I made the right decision. Also, note that the thumb tips come off. So I can text without taking my gloves off. They are truly awesome.


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