Things About This Trip I Am Scared Of

1. The flight. The transfers in the flight. Deep vein thrombosis. I’m not checking any luggage (at least, that’s the plan) so I don’t have to worry about losing luggage there, but I’m worried about making connecting flights, and finding our way through strange airports.

2. Windhoek. Reports vary about this, and mostly it seems like we should be fine. But one of the things we heard is that it’s been registered cabs that are robbing people. The only country in the world where perhaps you are better off taking an unlicensed cab. This is mostly John’s fear, and I figure all you need to do is not be stupid and touristy.

3. Bees. John and I were watching this thing and apparently when it’s super-dry there, everything seeks whatever water it can find, which in that case meant BEES all over the lions NOSES. I am allergic to bee stings. Not anaphylactic allergic, but bad enough. Also, BEES. Fortunately, I’m pretty sure this fear is unfounded, as it’s supposed to rain about an hour a day while we’re there.

4. Snakes. In the dossier thing they said to bring a flashlight or headlamp, and I figured it was a great excuse to buy a headlamp since it’s useful at work as well. Then they sent out another thing saying don’t wear your headlamp on your head, as it’s a target for spitting cobras. Awesome. Also, in that same thing we were watching with the bees, a shedding (ie, angry and can’t see very well since they shed the skin on their eyes) cobra bit a lion and all her cubs and the cubs all died and the lion was really messed up for about a week. There are also black mambas where we’re going. I’m imagining getting up at night to pee and stepping on one. I know snakes are shy and would rather avoid people, but still.

5. That John will hate the hotels I picked. I hate being in charge of these things. I always worry people won’t like what I pick, or something will go wrong and if I had just picked something else it wouldn’t have had the chance to go wrong, etc. Get over it.

6. All the animals will hide. My camera will break/run out of battery. The car will break down. We’ll run out of food. A hyena will eat my camera. We’ll be robbed by baboons. We’ll hit an oryx. There will be a freak flash flood. All the roads will be out. The cheetahs will snub me like the bobcats did. Everything will be closed. Etc.

Anyway. Most of those are unfounded, and should be fine. I’m really excited in general, and being worried about stuff is part of the excitement. Except the snakes. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day researching snakebites and what to do.


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