Planning ahead. Maybe excessively.

More Africa coming together. Booked one more hotel. It’s the one by the endangered vultures. Here’s their description- The Waterberg Plateau Park, Namibia, towers some 200m above the surrounding landscape, the plateau with its sheer cliffs and fascinating rock formations serve as a breeding area for endangered animal species. These include black and white rhinoceros, buffalo, sable and roan antelope and the diminutive Damara Dik-Dik which can be observed at close quarters foraging around the camp. There are over 200 bird species, including the only colony of the endangered Cape vulture left within Namibia.
Situated below the cliffs is the Waterberg Rest Camp, the camp was originally known as the Bernabe de la Bat Rest camp. A series of nature walks are set out leading from the camp to the chalets, historical sites, and the top of the plateau. The Mountain View walk leads to a viewpoint on top of the plateau, affording the walker with a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area.

So that’s exciting. I think soon I’ll start figuring out what clothes to bring, and maybe prepacking things that I know I won’t wear till then. Though really, I have a week between the end of fashion and leaving for Namibia, so I have plenty of time in there. But I have nothing much to do now, and I’m all excited. But it’s over 6 weeks away.


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