So yesterday day turned out to be kind of a waste. I went to a mall sort of nearby to see if I could trade sizes of a hoodie John gave me and a sweater from his mom. Fail on both accounts. The hoodies were easy to find, at least. The sweater took lots of wandering and then apparently it’s on clearance now so they were scattered everywhere over a bunch of racks. None in the size that I wanted, though. At least I was able to go next door to a sports store and get a yoga mat. Other than that, it was a pretty useless 4 hour trip. Eesh.

So, I got the yoga mat because I’ve decided to try out bikram yoga. I tried it once before and I remember it kicking my ass, but I can’t remember if I like it. But, a place near my has an offer going right now, $20 unlimited week, or $80 unlimited month. Classes are normally $20 each, so either way it’s a pretty great deal. Starting monday (yesterday I got back too late, and today they’re doing a workshop so cancelled most classes) I’m going to go every day. Until I get work again. I’m pretty happy not working at the moment, though it is meaning a lot of doing nothing. I sleep late, I watch bollywood movies, I hang out with the cats. But I figure if I keep doing nothing, by the time any kind of work rolls around I will be pathetic and out of shape. So, hardcore sweat box yoga. And it’ll mean I leave the house at least once a day.

While yesterday day was a wash, yesterday night was pretty productive. John and I figured out the rest of the trip. I made a spreadsheet-  Namibia plan, first draft We figured out hotels, did a lot of rental car research. The main thing was deciding to go to the Waterberg Plateau, and skipping Etosha, the big national park not too far away. It wasn’t quite close enough, and we don’t have time to drive through it. And Waterberg looks really pretty, has some nice trails, and endangered vulture feeding. The rental car thing is turning out to kind of suck. They all seem sort of expensive. There’s one that’s pretty great, but has a minimum 6 day rental. They seem pretty firm on this. We’ll see. The other thing is that one of the places I want to stay, you have to call to reserve, there’s no email or online form. Blarg. Maybe we can wait till we get there so it’s not an international call? And so I can maybe make John call? We’re both wishing we had more time outside of the main part of the trip to run around. Oh well.

I can’t wait. This is going to be the best trip ever. Aside from when John and Lauren and Jon and I go to Thailand and play with tigers. And when I save up/con people into giving me barrels of money so I can go work at this other place in Namibia for a month, and then spend a week running around, and then go to Botswana for a couple weeks, and then up to Kenya to the Masai Mara for another few weeks. But in the immediate reality, this is the best trip ever.


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