Been a while, eh? I went to California. It was all right. My parents new place is pretty great, but we had some clashes about my old cat, who’s still living at the old place since my dad is being a jerk about him. Once I move in with John, I’m going to take him, but I can’t until then, so they’ll have to figure out something.

I went to see a show at the theater I did my internship with, which was great. I visited one of my old bosses, the other one was on vacation or something which was too bad. But I also found out that they’re looking to hire someone since one of the other guys I worked with went back to school. So I applied for that. This possibility is really confusing.

By that I mean- Do I even want to go back to theater? That was the best place to work ever, but I’d be an electrician, which is not what I want to do, really, though I do like it, and in that capacity I’d be good at it. But what about the whole animal thing? I was starting to seriously embrace that, and now I’m being pulled back into theater. Should I let myself be pulled? Should I use it to buy time? Get my vet tech degree online while I work there and let that take a few years? Or should I give myself as much of a clean break as possible and just use my electrician work now to fund switching over?

A lot of this is potentially moot, since I very well may not get the job anyway. Who knows. This also potentially throws out the idea of moving in with John, which I’m not happy about. I would like to live in California again, but I want him to come with me, and at the moment that’s not really feasible. But we’ll see. Again, might not even get it. In other news, I have nothing lined up and finally filed for unemployment, which was torturous, but now it’s done and I can start being paid to not work. Sort of. It’s nice to finally have that in place for all these lulls in work.

I finally paid the balance for Namibia, which was a relief, and very sad in terms of bank balance. But I got a good exchange rate on the pounds and it’s nice to have that squared away. We also reserved the hotel for the first couple nights. We still need to figure out the past few days and rent a car and all that, but it’s coming together. I’m super excited. It’s been all snow covered and cold here, which is nice, but I’m sure in a month I’ll be ready to ditch that and go somewhere nice and warm. And play with leopards! I really hope we catch one. They haven’t yet, though they’ve seen all kinds of tracks and caught a porcupine and a hyena in the leopards traps. I’m hoping my group will be the one.  It’s also a small group, so far 8 people of 12 possible. I’m hoping this means we get to do more.

That whole filing for unemployment process was pretty draining. I had already made a list of employers in the last 18 months, but that was a while ago, so I sorted through all my pay stubs again and added to the list, and then the first person I talked to wanted a bunch of start and end dates for various employers. Which makes sense, but I really wish they would put that in the “things to have ready before you call” list. So I hung up, tracked all that down, called again, and got someone else who wanted different start and end dates, and basically just wanted stuff from september on. Sheesh. Lots of scrambling and figuring things out and calendar consulting and one instance of making shit up. But only one. Should be fine. I named something in the pay period. Anyway. The point is, I’m wiped out and it’s time for lunch.


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