Almost off

I’m all packed and ready to go. Well. Almost. But close enough, especially when you consider that I actually packed yesterday. Forethought! Impressive. I’m excited. I’ve been slightly less excited since I found out it’s basically going to rain the whole time I’m there, but whatever. I think Pidgeon has caught on to the fact that I’m leaving, and is being clingy. At the moment, she’s on my lap making me hold my elbow at an odd angle.

Friday I didn’t have work, and John and I were going to have a Big City Adventure Day. Ha. I have been really wanting to go ice skating. I suck at it, but I have my own skates, and somehow I really like skating. We were hoping that in the morning, Bryant Park wouldn’t be too crowded. Ha! A group of school kids went in a little before me and proceeded to wreak havoc on the already fairly crowded ice. I gave it a go for probably 20 minutes, managed not to get smashed into, and gave up. An ambulance was showing up as we left. Not kidding. We weren’t really that attached to doing anything else in the city that day, so instead we went out to Long Island, I got to skate for an hour and half, and then we went out to sushi at one of my two favorite places. The other being in Oakland. All in all, still a really good day. I worked on skating backwards and sort of kind of had it by the end. John hung out and watched and considered trying and enjoyed the nice cold moist air. Which is appreciably better than the windy cold dry air outside.

I should make sure I’m not forgetting anything. Like my phone charger. That would be fun.


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