I have been doing a lot of nothing, and some ladder moving. Which has been good, I like sleeping in, hanging out with John, and doing enough work to say that I’m working, while not actually doing much. It’s nice for this time of year.

It’s finally turned really cold. I’m not a huge fan of cold, but I do like that my coat isn’t excessive, and I like when it snows. Though it’s only done that twice this year. My roommates do not seem to share this appreciation, and keep turning the damn heat up. I programed the thing to be around 65 all the time. 65 is good. Not quite t shirt weather, but comfortable, and distinctly warm when you come in from it being 20 and windy outside. They keep reprogramming it to be 70 all the time. I don’t understand this. I get that they might not yet understand the bill-size difference for a 5 degree increase (which is fucking huge, the main reason I keep turning it down), but I don’t get why they want it that warm. When it’s 45-55 out, 65 is not that warm. But when it’s 20? 65 is delightful. So why now that it’s colder are they freaking out? Is is a mental thing? Higher number makes them feel better? Whatever. My other main objection is that I have blankets. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they are huddling under a sheet and a sweatshirt, but when you have a comforter and a blanket like me, at 70 you wake up sweating. And that sucks. And it’s winter! I’m supposed to be able to huddle in my blankets and be grateful for my pocket of warmth there. They are stealing my winter experience. Upshot- the thermostat wars continue. I’ll ask them for bill money and add a note about the expense of the heat soon.

I had a few other things that I wanted to mention, but I forget. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put in an addendum. It’s been a relaxing couple weeks. I’m excited about California. I have to do laundry before I go. My mom’s yoga class is doing a solstice thing where they do 108 sun salutations. I’m debating going. I really don’t like the sun salute sequence, but doing it that much might be meditative and zen-like and all. Those are always good.


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