It’s snowing!

Not much, and it’s definitely not really sticking, but I’ll take what I can get.

I haven’t been doing much. I had a little more work, some of it for a theater, like, a real one, and it sucked. Partially because I’m feeling done with theater, and partially because they just COULD NOT let us leave early. We finished half an hour early on the last day, and were sent to bundle up the loose tie line. We finished 15 minutes early another day, and instead of going upstairs and washing up, we sat there, literally sat on our asses and watched the carpentry crew work until we had run down the block. What a stupid way to run things. I’d rather work harder for shorter periods of time. Whatever. It is admittedly nice to know that when you get called for 8 hours there, you will absolutely get all of those.

In happier news, tickets to the Bay are pretty cheap right now, and I mentioned to John that I kind of wanted to go home for christmas, but I can’t really afford it, and while I could make it work money-wise, my parents, while happy to see me, would scold me for not paying student loans instead. And that’s when he bought me a ticket. So I’m going back to California! In a couple weeks! For over a week! I’m excited. I’ll get to see my parents and their new house, and my cat, and Tenaya. Seeing Tenaya will be good, and I’m baking something for my mom for christmas, so we can briefly resume our Tuesday Baking Club.

Today is John’s birthday, which is exciting. Rather, he could sort of care less, but I’m excited, and I made him something really great. When we talk about the Namibia trip, he mostly-jokingly talks about how he wants to tackle a leopard and bite it, to, you know, show that he’s working on it’s level. Then they’ll understand each other. So, I spent about 5 hours last night making this, of which I am super proud-

Look at the pretty lettering! Look at all those goddamn spots! Anatomically, it’s not perfect, the second section of the hind legs should be shorter, the ear is not quite right, but whatever. He’ll like it. I’m still debating coloring in the leopard. And I have to figure out what to put on the back. But I have this afternoon to do that. And then I’m going to staples to laminate it. It was a lot of fun to make, though, and I got to break out my hand drafting tools, which is always exciting.

I think I will color in the leopard.


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