Blee blee blee

So thanksgiving was good. Slightly more formal than they usually do, this year everyone waited until everyone was at the table to start eating. All really good food. I had been drinking for most of the afternoon leading up to it but never actually got drunk or even tipsy, so the combination of that and food made me pass out afterwards. John and I took a nap and when I woke up I was still super groggy and it took a while before I could handle eating desert. But that dulce de leche cake was totally worth waking up for.

His sister Lauren is still in college and has some really terrible professor who gave them this weird and useless aassignment. Go to the Museum of Natural History, find this one sign on the wall that lists a bunch of extinct species, don’t count more than 10, but use some formula to then calculate how many have gone extinct since 1500. And then watch one of the videos and describe it. What? She also had to design some assignment for a 6th grade class. All useless busywork. But John and I went to the museum with her, and that was fun even though it was way overcrowded.* Then we took the subway back to my house where John’s car was and Lauren got to meet my cats. Her comment on seeing my room? “It looks just like yours, John, just the girl version.” Ha.

*Side story, Lauren is 22, but pretty short and looks sort of young. But, like, 18 young. Not 12. Anyway, when we got our tickets, the woman looked at us and said ”okay, so that’s 2 adults and 1 child”, and Lauren sort of whispered in protest “3 adults! 3!” I was amused.

Other than that, unexciting weekend. I have some sort of weird persistent sore throat. Drinking water seems to help. It’s really cold out these days, but not freezing and while it occasionally smells like snow it has yet to make any real effort at that.

I picked up some work this week, which is excellent. I am sort of hoping that I don’t the week of the 6th, though, and for a silly reason. It’s Big Cat Week on tv! There will be so many gazelles eaten! Cheetahs everywhere! Lions! Tigers! Leopards! I am so excited. It’s a perfectly timed prelude to this Namibia trip. It’s in the middle of winter when all you want to do is sit inside and stare at the wall anyway. Speaking of Namibia, I”m getting more and more excited about that. I bought my ticket a week ago, which was exciting and painful, price-wise. John and I have started doing some pre-research and getting some books and finding papers online. I already have my to-pack list. I still need to figure out my vaccinations and get travel insurance. I have my first aid kit packed and ready to go. Just under 14 weeks to go.


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