I just got all excited because it’s finally really cold, and that means I can go ice skating, and there’s a place to do that in the park that I live right next to, and then I looked it up and they’re CLOSED! For the year! So they can build some silly fancy new thing! Bah! I liked what they had before. This is silly. I want to go ice skating. Oh, I know, there’s other places. But they’re further away. And the most accesible one, Bryant Park, is always super crowded with tourists. Maybe Central Park, being bigger, is more reasonable. But oh so far away. BAH.

In other news, I’m supposed to spend today preparing to apply for a job that I’m not totally qualified for. But I know the company well, and I’ve been encouraged to apply. And it has benefits. So. I think I’ll start that after I watch some hulu and get a bagel with cream cheese and tomato. I’m mostly prepared already, it’s mostly the damn cover letter that needs to be written.


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