I am awesome.

Yesterday was a great day. My neck is feeling almost completely better, my cold is almost gone. I still don’t have my phone battery, but oh well.

I got to sleep in some and then in the afternoon went and worked at the show with all the terrible gear mistakes. It was a rehearsal mostly, so we did a few things and then sat around listening to really pretty music for a while, and then hung a few lights outside. And then we had a four hour break! Which normally is a little bit of a dilemma, like, is it worth it to go home for two hours, can you actually get anything done then. But this time I did. I went and deposited a check and found that I have barrels of money and am still waiting on almost as much money as I already have. Which is good because I don’t have any work planned after now. Which is a little worrying, but I”ll worry later.

Anyway. Then I went and bought some books which I haven’t done in months, I think since I was in california. I got some good ones, and am almost done with one of them. And then I went and got ramen from this really good real ramen place. I got the spicy version, which was at the higher level of my tolerance, and really good. It had two chili peppers next to it on the menu. The extremely spicy one had 9 chilis. Ouch. It was great to sit and eat and read. Another thing I haven’t done in a while. And then I went and sat in s-bucks for a while, nursing a peppermint hot chocolate and reading.

Almost the best part of the evening, though, was the strike, when I went back to work. I had so much energy, and we were able to start loading trucks really early. We almost tipped over a genie lift trying to drop it off the curb and into the truck, but the truck driver and I muscled it back upright. Which was awesome! A couple people saw, which is always good. It felt great, to feel that strong and to know that it was starting to fall and I, through my own strength, held it up and pushed it back. Those things are pretty freaking heavy, too. And then the rest of it just went really fast. All of us were either motivated to get it done (everyone else) or on some kind of super adrenaline rush (me) and we just busted it out and the show that took two days to put in came down and was packed onto trucks in 4 hours. And then they fed us some pizza and some of us stayed to wait for the carpenters truck to help them load it. They’d helped us all evening, and I don’t have work today so I stayed. The wait sucked since it was just sitting around, and we all lost energy and started to be tired finally (it was also after 2 in the morning), but when the truck finally showed up we loaded that thing in 9 minutes. It was great.

Because I had a book again (I’ve been avoiding bringing them partially because the last couple I started are good but depressing, and because I was trying to keep my bag light what with all my back and neck issues lately) the train ride went incredibly fast. By good luck I noticed 3 stops before mine and started paying attention, or I would have missed it. I only noticed about 2 of the other 30 stops go by. And then my tax return check was waiting for me! Hurray! Even more money! I’m going to go switch my bank stuff around today so I can get on the mileage thing so I can buy my ticket. I almost have enough to pay for everything right now. I’m very proud of myself. I managed so far to save 2700 above and beyond what I need to live. At 3600, I’ll have paid for everything. I’m so close. Hopefully work doesn’t actually slow down, otherwise I’ll be slightly screwed. But I think it will be okay.

Conclusion point- I had an awesome day yesterday, and feel great about myself, and am pretty much where I want to be in life. Hold on to that feeling, because in two weeks when I haven’t worked that whole time, the panic and doubt and displeasure will set in hard. But maybe that won’t happen! Maybe I’ll have a couple nice days off and then get work again!


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