Week of crap

Well this week has been fun. I had another few days of work that were good, but halfway through I dropped my phone and my battery bounced out and fell down a hole. That was exciting. Especially since I went to two phone stores and neither had my battery. So I ordered it on amazon for about 30 bucks less, which is great, except that it won’t show up for another day or two. I’m not pining for my phone, but it is pretty inconvenient to not have it. I use it for a ton of things every day. Oh well.

Then this show I’m working on now there are a few bad things about. First we lost almost the whole first day because the towers that we were using didn’t have outriggers. The rental company threw them away this summer. And didn’t mention that when they rented them to us. So, we had hung them and gotten them ready to put up, and then had to take them all down. We’re also doing this in a church so we have to bring everything up from the basement at the start of the day and take it all back down at the end. Minor but annoying. Then, about 20 minutes into unloading the truck, I pulled a muscle in my back. Again. Not as bad this time, but damn bad enough. It sucks. It’s higher and involves neck muscles, so I’ve been roboting around work not being able to turn well or look up. I can still lift and carry and push and hand things to people, though, so I’ve still managed to be useful and work, but it hurts a good bit and I really hate being injured. Especially so soon after the last time. Especially on top of having a cold. And not having my phone. Erg.

The designer for this is one that I really like, who I met at Berkeley and then assisted here some. While I don’t really want to do design stuff anymore, it does hurt a little to see him with another assistant. And it was a little hard to tell him that I’m actually working on ditching all this. Good thing I have something awesome that I’m leaving it for, but still. Leaving anything that you spent years working on feels a little like a copout and failure, I imagine. Or maybe it feels like a relief sometimes. Oh well.

I have to head to work in a little bit which sucks. Especially since it’s a short call. I guess a longer call would be worse, but a short one feels like I’m getting out of bed for nothing. It’s been very nice to rest and not have to hold my head up all day. I would have tried to call out, but this gig is so screwed and I feel really bad for my boss. None of these fuckups with gear have been her fault, and she’s very nice so I don’t want to screw her by leaving her short staffed for the evening. But at the same time, it’s a 4 hour call (less if we still have the hard out at midnight rule we’ve been sticking to). An hour of which will be hauling shit out of the basement and putting it away. Do they really need me there? Probably. Bah. In any case, it’s good to leave the house at least once a day.


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