So, I recovered from the back thing, had a few days, and now have a cold. Blarg. Back in bed for a couple days. Not that I really need to, it’s not stopping me from doing anything, but I feel fully lousy, and I don’t have anything for tomorrow, so I might as well. I did work this morning, from 8-10. We banged it out and actually had about half an hour sitting around waiting for the truck, which is always nice.

I have enough money for my Namibia ticket! So I’ll buy that soon. I have to wait until I swap my debit card around, I’m trading for an airline miles debit card, and I want to get the most out of that, like buying my ticket with it. I’m so close, though, to actually having my ticket, so even if I don’t make enough money for the project (which I totally will) I’ll still be going to Namibia to run around.

I was going to have all week free, but then I picked up work. Which is great, but man. I never have work this constantly. It’s a little weird.


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