Whee! What an exhausting bunch of work. They were good days, though. And my back seems to be just about totally better now, so that’s exciting.

I was working a fancy event at that museum with the spiral ramp. I had it sort of easy, in a way. One team went to put lights up inside, one team went to do the outside, and a buddy and I were sent to gel all of the building lights. This place has these inset circle lights outside, and then inside, triangles. The triangles were nice because we put them up with magnets, so that made life easier. But there were so many of them. It just kept going. And then we had to cut them down because they were too big. And then we ran out and had to cut more. It took 7 hours. 7 HOURS. To put rose purple gel on triangles. Eesh. It’s not that it was that hard at all, but doing any one repetitive specific thing like that for that long makes it feel ridiculous. I was working, and getting tired (it was also an overnight call, 6pm to 5am) but it really didn’t feel like I was doing anything. We finally finished and got to use wrenches a little bit. That was exciting.

Also exciting was the cake. I made it the afternoon before work (which meant not sleeping all day, but that was okay), and it turned out pretty well. I was a little worried because I burned it some, but once it was assembled and had sat there for a while, you couldn’t tell. I had to make it at John’s house because Madeline finally found a new place and came and reclaimed all her furniture, including the kitchen table, so I had nowhere to make it at home. It’s always weird cooking there, but this went pretty smoothly. I had wanted to do the thing of taking pictures of the steps, and blogging my process, but that would have meant carrying my camera with me and my bag was already way too heavy. But in any case, it came out well. Everyone loved it. There was a good bit left over for just Andrew to take home. It was a nice thing to have at our break.

Also extra exciting! It must have been an awesome cake, because Andrew asked me to be the regular board op for stuff like this. He called me over and said “I want to talk to you about something” which always makes me think I’m in trouble and I started wondering what I’ve done. But then he explained, and by the end I was hopping up and down flapping my gloves. I handle things maturely. But anyway, this way I can take over some of the stuff he’s been having to do, and I’ll know how to set it up like he and the designer like, and it will be consistent and everyone will be happy. Especially me, since I’ll be making a lot of money. This means more hours guaranteed, and they just bumped our rate up. Hurray!

Time to get up and visit John and not have to do anything today. The work was good, but in between the 10 hour call and the 14 hour one, I got 4 hours of sleep. And I made a cake before the 10 hour call, so it was sort of like I actually worked 13 hours that day. Sleeping in is really nice when you’re sleep deprived.


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