After 6 days of mild irritation to blinding pain, my back seems to be better. Hurray! It’s not totally back to normal, of course, but it is vastly improved. To the point where today my back felt better when I got home from work than when I’d left for it. Amazing.

I spent sunday eating*. And I can tell. 5 days of lying in bed making an effort to do nothing have taken a toll. As soon as I’m all funtional again, I’m going to start working out and possibly actually running. Though it did just shift into winter weather here, so who knows about that. Also, all of the bikes from downstairs have disappeared. It’s really weird. My good bike was stolen over the summer, which was upsetting, but I never really used it, and I still had the crappy one. But now that, and two bikes belonging to downstairs neighbors, are gone. Again, never really used it, but still. I’m sort of bewildered and upset by this. And surprised that I haven’t heard anything from the neighbors about it.

I haven’t paid too much attention to the election fun going on. I did a little bit of research for New York, picked some people and left it at that. A lot of people I know are getting all sorts of steamed up, and I’m sure they’re right. I don’t have the energy to care right now, and while I took the time to vote it still feels all sorts of futile. Maybe it won’t soon. OR maybe it will be worse. Who knows.

Tomorrow I’m working an overnight, so I’m staying up late tonight so I can sleep in, but I think it’s about time to throw in the towel.




*Ice cream and white cheddar cheezits for breakfast. Mallomars for lunch. Two boxes of Annie’s alfredo shells for dinner. Even I am impressed.


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