Day 3 of bed rest

Blah. I’m doing much better now, at least. I got a massage yesterday that was fantastic and helped so much. It’s not totally better, of course, but she was able to reduce it back to the original spot instead of spread across my whole back. But, more boredom and lying in bed, and now my whole back is starting to ache because I’m not doing anything.

Bet, it’s Halloween! Yay. I haven’t really done anything for halloween in years, but I like it in theory. Though in New York it’s always cold, I I feel sorry for all the kids who have to put down coats over their costumes. That just seems lame. I did my part by eating ice cream and mallomars today. Because of how the building I live in is set up, and the fact that I also live on a street with businesses, no one trick or treats at my building. Which kind of makes it easy to ignore halloween. Also I would probably just sit there and eat the candy as I handed it out and run out halfway through.

I”m going back to work tomorrow, which I’m a little apprehensive about. It should be okay, but I really don’t want to strain it again and not be able to work tuesday. Because that gig is going to be fun. I get to do a shop prep, and I’m a total geek so I like doing shop prep, and then I get to run the light board, which I was asssigned to do even before I got hurt, and is awesome. I feel like only the cool people get to be board op and be on the show call. After 4 years of working with these people, I’m finally reaching that level. Go me.

Also, wednesday I’m going to make a cake for me boss, the one who gave me extra hours. I think I’ll repeat a cake I’ve done before, though I’m not sure I can still find the recipe. It was a flourless chocolate cake, two layers, with I think a blackberry reduction and also peanut butter between, and then blackberry reduction on top, covered with that sauce that hardens to a shell. I made it for Madeline’s birthday three years ago, when I asked what she liked and she said chocolate. And peanut butter. And berries. I’m pretty sure I managed to incorporate all three. I just have to dig up how I did it.

Time to lie down again. My back hurts yet again, and I have limited time left to coddle it. Bah.


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