The pain thickens

So, I called out of most of my work, but the last job today my boss said he would put me on the light board, so I could just sit or stand there and push buttons. Which is great. I figured I was going to lose about 22 hours of work over these two days, and it was nice to get 4 of those back. Once I was there and mentioned that to him, he also (oh my god I have the best boss EVER) said that he would put me down as working 4 hours tomorrow. So, still losing 14 hours of work, but getting paid for 4 that I never have to show up to. Awesome.

Throughout work I felt okay, but I could generally feel my back getting stiffer. Afterwards I decided to pick up more epsom salts. Okay, side story here. I have the best boyfriend in the entire world. He drove over to my house today, which takes about 45 minutes each way, and dropped off epsom salts and chocolate, and took two checks that I had and deposited them for me. This is love in action, guys. The epsom salts he brought were enough for about one bath, though, and I used them up this afternoon. I decided to stop and get a big bag of them. Mistake. I also decided I wanted thai curry and stopped and got that. Slightly smaller mistake, but still sort of a bad idea. I got about 10 steps from my door and was transfering the bags to my other hand so I could use my keys when I was hit with a huge back spasm. I almost fell over. I made it inside and up the stairs and then got hit by another while I was trying to open my door. This time I did fall over. Somehow I made it inside and promptly rolled over on my back and lay there for 20 minutes while the cats sniffed me and wondered what the heck was going on.

I was hit by a car my freshman year of college and I think this might hurt more. I can’t remember, though, since your memory doesn’t really hold on to pain well. I remember I couldn’t climb the ladder to my bed and had to switch with my roommate for a week. But I also was back in school a day or so later. I could walk, I just couldn’t handle stairs or ladders. This, I can sort of walk. Because I have to. When I do, it hurts to breath. I also tried crawling, it wasn’t much better. My mom said when she did about the same thing, her doctor said lie on your back for 48 hours. Get up only to pee. I think I’ll try that out. I have 3 days before I have to work again, so I may spend all of them in bed. I hope I have enough unread books on my shelves. And that I can train the cats to fetch them for me.


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