Oh the pain

I threw my back out today. I’ve never really done that before. It’s not fun. It doesn’t seem as bad as it could be, like, I can still walk. And move around. But it still sucks. Also, I didn’t even do it in a cool way, like rescuing a kitten or wrestling a bear. I was walking on a curb, and landed with half my right foot on, so I slid off. I have no idea how my back decided to get all involved and injured in this process but it did. And I’m working 14 hours tomorrow. Yaaaay.

Other than that, today was uneventful. I slept, I watched the not-so-great Rocky Glee episode, I went computer and fish and food shopping with John, and we played Fable II for a little bit. He bought Fable III for me, but I have to finish II first. There was also a How To Train Your Dragon game at gamestop that I might want to get. But I also want to stay mostly out of video games. Oddly, I got into them because of Tenaya. And now she’s gone back to California. The new Fable we can play together, though, once she gets set up there, so that’ll be fun.

I’m babbling. My back hurts enough that I”m not really thinking out what I want to say, or if I even have something to say. So I think I’ll go to bed now.

Update- I messed it up good. By not putting ice on it right away, by making egg salad last night because “it doesn’t hurt that bad”, by not taking care of it at all. I woke up at 4am today in a good deal of pain*, and cancelled all my work today. Which sucks, both money wise, and because I will be very bored. Sitting up isn’t great, so I can’t do that long, and it hurts to hold a book. Awesome.

*By a good deal I mean I may have cried. It was bad.


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