More work!

So, one of the main companies that I work for (and I only work for them because my previous main company folded, and this new one aquired most of the old’s inventory and people), this company is a pretty decent one. Let’s call them Ham. Because their real initials are sort of similar. Anyway. They are a decent place to work for, but there is a faction of the office staff that treats up like we’re idiots, and this past fashion they took on a little too much and it was ridiculous. Good for most people’s wallets, but super stressful and a lot of unhappy, and this is on top of previous grievances. Also, they pay the low end of industry standard, which is totally fine except for the being-treated-like-idiots bit. But then! Three people of their 3.5 person electrical staff quit. My main boss, the other guy, and their other main designer, leaving just the guy who mostly does carpentry, but can sort of run an electrician call as well. And then Ham started listening to all the complaints.

This is all a big preamble to say that I picked up work for next week, and they’ve bumped our hourly rate up by $5 an hour. Which is huge. And- I get to be a board op on this one. Which I never get to do. Excited. And also a little nervous. My wallet is gleeful since not only am I making quite a lot an hour, but there’s going to be a good bit of overtime on this one. Not a huge amount, but enough to start adding it up.

I could stand to be a little more busy, but as long as I keep picking up work, this is good. I do have a show that I’m trying to get out of next month. The Colombai med students. Who are a lot of fun, and very nice, but I just don’t want to do it any more. And I don’t know who to pass it on to. I had one guy interested, but not totally committed and then he took other work. So I’ve emailed another today, and I’m hoping he takes it. His girlfriend is a med student as well, so maybe he’ll take it because of her. I hope. If not, I may have to do this myself. Erg.

In the meantime, I get to call my old college about transcripts, and figure out what classes to take next fall, and if I can be part time at all. Wheeee


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