Quick and dirty

So very tired. Work has been really easy the last few days, though, suspiciously so. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Though I am also waiting for 6 different companies to pay me a total of about 2800. So maybe that’s my other shoe.

I think I’m just tired because today was longer. I had two different jobs, with dinner with John nicely in between. We went to this mexican place that has really good pork, and fantastic elote, corn with sauce and cheese and chili powder. It would be hard to make that not amazing, but they do it very well. I need to figure out where to get the cheese and how to make the sauce because I’ve already had 3 of these in the last week and I keep wanting more. I could eat a barrel of them.

And so now I’m tired (though still on the clock! Yay 4 hour minimum!) and even though I don’t have to be at work for another 13 and a half hours, I think I’ll go to sleep now and have more time in the morning. I like these days.


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