And then some shitty days

Yesterday evening was spent in a mild rage at my roommates for various reasons, and now tonight I got an email from one of the people I sold something to on ebay. Apparently it didn’t work right, so they emailed me, and I didn’t respond in an hour, so they opened a case against me with ebay. Not a huge deal, I can refund them, and I was in the wrong, but seriously. They didn’t even give me a full day to respond (and even said in the ebay case that perhaps my lack of response was because I hadn’t checked my messages yet!). So that’s frustrating. Mostly I just feel attacked over something I would be quite willing to concede and fix, but wasn’t given a real chance to. And so now I feel lousy. Eating Kix for dinner really isn’t helping.

At least work is going great. I seem to keep picking it up, and right now I’m in an easy gig, babysitting music stands and chairs while I read. I had to get up to move them a couple times. And then I have friday and saturday off to hang out with John and do some laundry and clean and make more food and all. And then more work! This is a good trend. I hope it keeps up for a few months. I might not have to ask anyone for Namibia money then. Here’s hoping.


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