Work Everywhere!

At least, for this week. Which is great. Especially since today it’s work that I didn’t have to wake up at 7 for. Tomorrow is another normal start day though. The nice thing about all this work is that I once again really appreciate when I’m not working. The other nice thing is that I don’t have to run. I’ve decided, to encourage myself to actively seek work, that any day I don’t work, I have to go running. I anticipate lots of work from this. Though at the moment it’s only through thursday.

In other awesome news, John and I are going to move in together after Namibia. Yay! I got a text from him yesterday that out of the blue asked when we were going to. Other times he’s said something about how it might be a good idea, or could be fun. But this time! Out of the blue! His initiation!  We would do it sooner, but I’m saving every penny I can right now. Fashion week is in february, and most of my checks from that will show up while we’re in Namibia, so I’ll have capital for a deposit and all. And then I can leave my roommates who don’t know how to clear a dishrack. Seriously. It was totally full and instead of taking even a couple of pots off, they crammed new dishes on top. Ridiculous. And now I have to get up for work.


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