Well that was fun

The last four days have been some of the hardest work I’ve done. Not strenuous hard. Just really painful to get through. Things kept changing and being added, having to be redone, the gear that we got (unfortunately enough, from a branch of a shop that I used to work for) was stupid and incomplete. Two days ago I spent most of the day setting up for a roof party. It was one of those jobs that you look at and say, oh, yeah, this won’t take long. And then it turns out that it’s filled with all kinds of little pieces and you have to keep getting more stuff, and then you realize that you just spent 15 hours putting up 20 lights. Oh yes, there were also two 15 hour days. With 7 hours between them. And I live over an hour away.

This whole mess was for a corporate open house, sort of launch thing for the new phone of a big company. Two floors of stuff and booths and then the roof party space. The fun part was that just before people started coming up to the roof, it started to rain. And then is hailed. And then there was lightning. I, luckily enough, was on the early part of the day, and so I had just gotten off the clock when lightning hit really close. We thought it was maybe our towers on the roof (and so promptly ran up to see the fun) but then it seemed like it was the building across the street, and fire trucks showed up to check it out. I waited till the rain died down a little, and then walked to the train.

I had been thinking about going to the zoo today or something, but given how bad my feet hurt the past couple days, I think that’s a terrible idea. Even though yesterday was much better and easier. It was a slow paced strike because we were waiting for other people every now and then, and there was only so much we could do with everyone else’s gear boxes in the way. I left at 11, and apparently the late shift strike crew weren’t done until 8 30 this morning. Ack. I was always glad that I was on the early crew, but that just confirms it. I really hate overnight calls.

So now today I think I will do as little as possible. My ebay auctions finished, for sadly a little less than I’d hoped, but decent enough, so I need to pack those up and ship off. I’ve picked up work for friday and saturday, and I hear the union could use a lot of overhire labor this month, so maybe in a day or so I’ll start haunting the hall seeing if I can pick anything up. So workwise, it’s going pretty well at the moment. Now if only the checks from the last 3 things I’ve done would show up.


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