So, when I was a kid, I kind of figured that avocados were squirrel food. I knew that people ate them too, but my main exposure was this giant avocado tree next door, and the fruit would fall and squirrels would eat it and there would be all these half eaten avocados, and gnawed pits lying around. Kind of gross. Not inspiring to eat. And so I figured I didn’t like them much, and maintained this attitude for a really long time. There was a brief break one summer when a girl I knew would cut one in half take out the pit, and eat the halves with salt and I want to say lemon juice. I don’t remember anymore. And I thought that was pretty good. But then I went back to not liking them and turning my nose up at guacamole. But then this past summer, for some reason, I went for it. I’d slowly been deciding that I liked guacamole, that probably had something to do with it. There’s one breakfast a session at camp that’s serve yourself, and the main thing on it is bagels and cream cheese and avocados. And it was awesome. So, so good. I went back for seconds.

And then I had to go back to New York. Avocados are expensive everywhere, but here the cheapest I’ve seen is a dollar fifty. For one. Maybe it’s better at other times of the year, but man. But today, I decided that I deserved it. I’ve been really good about not eating out for a couple weeks, I was also buying stuff to make egg salad and stirfry in bulk for this coming week, and dang it, I wanted my expensive avocados. So I bought two, and went home excited. Having only seen other people slice them up occasionally, I somewhat butchered it in the process, but looks don’t matter much in this. And then I found out that it wasn’t quite ripe yet. Dang. It was still lovely. And I have plenty more left.

The main event of the day, though, was the stir fry and the egg salad. The egg salad turned out great. I’d made it before and somehow it was pretty bland, but not this time. I used yogurt instead of mayonnaise to bind it all, so it’s a little sloppy and runny, but otherwise, fantastic. The stir fry, though, was awesome. For some reason, I’ve always been terrified of cooking meat. I don’t know why. Maybe laziness was also part of it. But every now and then I cook meat and I’m always surprised when I remember how freaking easy it is. It’s really easy. This was slightly time consuming, but I didn’t really have anything else going on. But really, it’s just a lot of cutting stuff up. Making the marinade and putting it in a bag with the chicken took about 5 minutes. Cutting up vegetables took a while, but then you just throw them in the pan and stir them once in a while, and then take them off when they’re almost done. Then you have to cut up the chicken, which went better than usual, I think I had a sharper knife. And then you let that sit in the pan a bit with some stirring. And then add the marinade and the vegetables back in, and stir a few more times. And then take your rice out of the rice cooker. And now I have lunch for 4 days.

Anyway. That was mostly boring, I’m sure, but it was a very satisfying day. I always forget how nice it is to have made your own food and have it ready to go. And cheap, even with the extravagance of the avocados (which meant also buying bagels and cream cheese) all my groceries were about 30 bucks. And a bunch of the stuff is still around to be made into other meals. Hurray.


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