While the cat’s away, the other cat rolls around on the floor

I got up at 7 this morning (the horror! It was almost like what most people have to do every day!) to drop Snippet off to be spayed today. First they have to do a bleed time test to make sure that she’s clotting okay, and I’ve been waiting all day to hear about that. But I guess maybe if it goes well they don’t call you. I’m not sure. In any case, I feel bad for her. She has no idea what’s going on, why I left her there instead of taking her home after the vet poked her a bunch, and why they’re shaving her paw and drugging her. After they pierce her gums and make sure she doesn’t bleed out. Gross. And they’re keeping her overnight. So, I get to worry about how she’s doing in a strange dark place with all these strange smells and maybe it’s cold and she’ll be in a cage and it’s just really sad. And I’m paying for all this to happen. But, it means no more wailing when she goes into heat! And perhaps no more steroids and vet appointments every couple months to check her blood. Saving money in the long run? We’ll see. In the meantime, I worry, and hope she’s doing all right, and that the vet techs are nice to her and that somehow she understands that all of this is ultimately a good thing.

Apparently, when you don’t work, you should maybe still do stuff. Unlike me. Because yesterday I had easy work, a lot of taping stuff down, hanging a couple lights, generally not very demanding. And today my legs are sore. From 8 hours of walking in circles, and lifting a few things. This does not bode well for the actual, likely pretty demanding, work that I have starting friday. I’ll be able to keep up, but I think the second and third day will be really rough. By the fourth I’ll be beaten into submission and won’t have the energy to whine about it. And then there is no fifth day. Maybe I’ll go to the zoo again! I’d like that. More likely I’ll sleep in and think “hey, I don’t have to do anything today. So I think I won’t.” because that’s how it usually goes. I need a hobby.

My roomate has attacked the kitchen and is cleaning with a vengeance. I feel a touch guilty about this, like I should have already done it, or at least be helping now. But at the same time, meh. I’m staying out of the way mostly. The only thing is I haven’t eaten yet, and it looks like she won’t be finished any time soon. Oh well. I can wait a few hours. I already put together my first aid kit for Namibia though. What to do next?


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