In which I laugh at my cat tripping her fur off

So they did the bleed test, she was fine, so they sedated her, and shaved her stomach, and discovered that she has a bunch of bruises there. So, no spaying for Snippet! They kept her till she could walk reasonable well and then sent her home. Drugged cats are funny. She was incredibly hungry, having not eaten in a day, so after watching her wobble around a little, I fed both of them. She couldn’t handle it. The excitement was too much. I noticed after about 30 seconds, they’d switched bowls. And then Pidgeon took another bite, and Snippet looked up and ran back to her original bowl, thinking maybe the food was better over there. Pidgeon happily went back to her own, and took a bite. Snippet ran back over and shoved her head in the bowl. Pidgeon, who had been taking this all very well and had been pretty patient, tried to paw Snippet away, but Snippet was undeterred. I switched bowls, thinking that might help. Nope. Then I tried to get Snippet to eat from her own, but every time she heard Pidgeon chew, she would try to bolt, assuming that there was something better over there. It’s pretty funny to watch your cat have no attention span, and try to lurch back and forth constantly, trying to eat all the food at once. Finally I picked up Pidgeon and the bowl (mistake, should have taken Snippet) and took them to eat in my room. Snippet was so anxious to not lose track of some of the food that she lost her balance and fell in the water dish. And then was too wigged out about everything to let me towel her off. Poor cat. She seems to be doing better now, calmed down a bit. I hope.


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