The everyday slog continues.

Because I have nothing to do until wednesday, I’ve gotten into the cycle of staying up till around 2am and sleeping in till around 11am. Which is not a particularly excessive time slot, even though saying ‘sleeping till 11am’ makes it seem so. It’s actually even less because the cats wake me up around 7 30, and I ignore them and try to sleep until about 8, and then feed them, and then try to get back to sleep. Also, in the name of good intentions, I still have my alarm set, so that goes off at 8 20. And 9 20. And 10 20. So I really am only getting about 4-5 hours of sleep, and then 3-4 hours of sort-of naps. Which is okay because I don’t do anything during the day! Beyond little excursions to take pictures of ducks. And try to sell old film stuff to places that claim to buy old film stuff but then reject everything and then I have to carry it all back home again. Oh well.

Today is more of the same. I do have a couple things planned, I can finally call unemployment. Or, wait, can I? I’m working this friday-sunday. Crap. Maybe not. So, I’ll figure out if I can call unemployment, and I’ll take pictures of all my rejected film equipment and post it all on ebay. Huzzah. I’m especially excited because I discovered that I happen to own a fairly rare adaptor. And there is one up for auction on ebay right now, but ending soon, which means that all the failed bidders there might transfer over to me. This little bit of engineered metal sometimes goes for 90 bucks. The current one is at 98, with 5 days left. My bank account will appreciate these donations.

I’m getting to know my new roommates better. To my dismay, the couple appears to be coffee drinkers. Which is fine. I don’t like coffee, but everyone else can have at it. The problem is that if I haven’t eaten yet, I can’t handle the way coffee smells. And their coffee smells a lot somehow. Maybe it’s the maker that they use, but it’s much more prevalent than when Madeline and Rob would make coffee. Oh well. So far, the russian guy is nice, but dumb. He asked me three times how to hard boil eggs. The guy in the couple is really neurotic, somewhat insecure, somewhat annoying, and cornered me last night to talk about work and cameras. The girl is nice. Not neurotic, fairly practical, and so far my short interactions with her have been good. I figure I can handle these three for another 6 months. I’m hoping John and I will find a place after we get back from Namibia.

All right, time to get up and eat and take pictures of cameras. Ha.


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