Just when I thought I couldn’t get any older

So, I’m already kind of an old lady. I mean, I’m 26, but I like my evenings in. If I got out with a big group of people I get worn out and overwhelmed after a few hours. I read a lot. I drink tea. I have cats. Today, I made another leap forward into my old-lady life. I slipped in the shower. The russian (I think it was him) got a rubber mat for the shower, which was somewhat unnecessary, and today’s shower was the first time I’ve really dealt with it. And it kept getting all wrinkly, and wasn’t great to stand on, and was generally sort of in the way. Not terribly, but enough to notice and be annoyed. So at the end of my shower I pulled it up and straightened it all out. And then stepped on it. And then slipped and almost tore the curtain down and bruised my ass. I’m actually really impressed that I didn’t tear the curtain down. I guess you’re not supposed to lay those down on a wet tub? The suction cups hadn’t activated yet. But really, they were doing a pretty poor job when they were. This is a case of fixing something that really wasn’t broken.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of my stuff for ebay, oddly enough, especially once I figured out that one of the filters I had been planning on selling is a really good incandescent correction, so it balances out how warm indoor lighting looks. Definitely keeping that one.

And I picked up work for tomorrow! So tonight I have to go to bed at a reasonable time, get up at a reasonable time, do some grocery shopping, make some lunch and dinner to take with me, and then go pretend I know what I’m doing for 8 hours. I’m excited about this level of activity. Now I have to go make a cup of tea and settle down with my cats for an early night.


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