Drinking the vanilla

I haven’t mentioned here the weirdness. So, over the past couple years, I bake something every now and then. Originally it was just cookies, but then at the earlier this year I found out about pies and how much I like making them.* Whenever I went shopping for ingredients I could never remember if I had vanilla already, so i’d just go ahead and buy another bottle. So for a little bit, we had about 3 bottles of varying amounts sitting around.

But then I noticed something odd. There was only one bottle left. I didn’t think anything of it. It was a big bottle, and I only needed a teaspoon. And then the bottle disappeared. I’m the only one who really used it. Cassidy made cookies a couple times, but hadn’t in months. I had never used up a bottle. Where did they go? And why was I left with a bottle of almond extract, and a bottle of fake vanilla? I have decided that it’s because someone drank all the bottles. Which is a lot of vanilla to drink. It’s pretty unpleasant to drink, too. But where else could they have gone? I can’t fathom anyone throwing out 3 or 4 mostly full bottles (in fact, almost nothing got thrown out. I had a fridge emptying party when everyone else moved out, and threw out two garbage bags of stuff. Gross.) and no one baked with all that. So I conclude that someone drank it all. And I’ve been so bitter about this that I’ve refused to buy more.

So, instead of baking today, I took the air conditioner out of my window. It’s officially fall now! The cats are less impressed than usual. I thought they’d be all happy about having more window and windowsill to watch stuff from, but from all appearance I think I’m most excited about having my window back. And it’s really very exciting. I can see the outside now! There’s fresh air! Which is really the best part. Now that the slodgy heat seems to be over, there is lots of cool crisp fresh air around, and I wasn’t getting any of it. Just recycled fan-driven air. Also, somehow my room was really warm all the time. Which is a good thing, normally, but it was a little jarring to leave it and realize that while in my room I was almost sweating, the rest of the world was pulling on sweaters. I like sweaters. And I like that soon I get to pull out my big comforter again. I absolutely love summer, but I’m very glad that I can wear jeans comfortably again. And 3/4 sleeve shirts! Yay fall.

*I don’t like eating them, though, beyond a small piece to see how it came out. Which is problematic because my old roommates were so damn reluctant to eat anything left on the table with a big EAT sign, and then I’d have all this pie, or a pile of cookies, and nothing to do with them. I suspect my new roommates are similar in this, and so I’m thinking I can’t really bake anything now either. At least, nothing I’m not willing to eat myself. What a tragedy.


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