I spend a lot of time not particularly living in the present moment. When things are going well, or I’ve arrived at what I was anticipating, of course then I’m happy and engaged and present. But because I either work a lot or not at all, I have big chunks of time to wade through, to put up with until the next thing comes along. I was thinking today about how I wanted to hit the fast forward button, have the next few months go by in a movie montage (which would be pretty cool if that could actually happen) but then I realized that I actually don’t want that this time. I’m excited about going to Namibia to play with cheetahs, and then Costa Rica to play with monkeys and sloths, and I just decided that next fall I’m going to the Czech Republic to work at this wildlife rescue and rehab center that has a lot of hedgehogs come in during the fall. And all of this is wildly exciting, but I really don’t want to miss the in-betweens. This is a bit of a first, at least the first time I’ve identified a waiting time that I didn’t want to skip.

Largely responsible for not wanting to skip is that I have optimistic plans for the in between. I spent part of the afternoon faxing my resume and cover letter to 3 more vets, and I went and filled out an application at a 4th. I still haven’t heard anything from the 5 that I originally emailed, but that’s not terribly worrying. I’m doing this largely unsolicited, and it’s likely they aren’t hiring. And while it would be great to get a part time job at a vets, if I don’t it’s okay. I’m applying for unemployment on monday, which is very exciting because it means that all these days in between I’ll still be making money. Finally, getting paid for all the job searching I do.


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