This can’t be it

So my new roommates are moving in. The last two that is, the russian guy moved in a week or so ago. I was really enjoying living by myself, and it was a bit jarring when he started being around regularly. With the new couple, the guy has already been kind of a dick a few times about some stuff, but I think it’ll be fine. It might even be nice to have people around. We’ll see. I tend to mostly stay in my room even when there’s no one around, so it really shouldn’t make a difference.

I had a few days of work, and now those are over, so I’m back lassitude and ennui. And should start looking for more. I still need to call some of the vets on my list, and if I don’t hear from any in a week, start compiling a new list of who to contact. This cycle can be pretty depressing, but then I remember when I had an office job, a decent one, and after about a month hated every minute of it. So, given the alternative, I think I’ll stick with my freelancing and non-office uncertainty.

I finished The Plague. I was wrong, it did have a conclusion. It was a very good book, and I was bummed out that I finished it on my way to work yesterday and wasn’t able to keep reading it on the way home. I’m not sure what to read next, but I have a pretty good selection unread on my shelves which is always nice to look forward to.

I finally started using my flickr account, and uploaded my good Costa Rica pictures. But then I was starting in on some other bunches I have, and ran into the space problem. In Costa Rica, it was all film. So when they were scanned and put on a disc and online for me, they’re at a reasonable size. My files from my k-x are all huge. And I’m not sure I want to pay for flickr yet. Especially when all of my financial decisions these days are made by “Do I want this, or do I want Namibia?” so, so far all that’s up are CR pictures, which are good. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way I can mass downsize copies of my other pictures, or shrink them for uploading or something, because I want to put the ones from St John’s Cathedral and the Bronx Zoo up. We’ll see how it goes.


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