Still on the clock

I like working in a business with 4 hour minimums- I get paid for at least 4 hours no matter what. Tonight was packing up a computer gadget event thing, and we were done in about half an hour. So, I was paid to take the train home, eat a popsicle, write this, and I’m still on the clock for another hour. Awesome. Other than that, today was nothing special.

I’m starting to figure out this whole saving money thing (not that it’s that hard, I suppose, but I’ve never really had a concrete goal before) and I think I can make it work. I think that by mid october, I can buy my plane ticket, and if I can keep that rate up, maybe pinch a little more, I can actually pay for namibia myself. I have a fallback idea, but it involves asking relatives for money, which is not the best idea. But, 1200 for the ticket, and 2400 for the trip, I have 200, I’m getting a 750 check soon of which 400 is going in (or 3. Depending on how I’m doing, but I think I can swing 4) and then finally getting my tax refund of 650, so that’s 1250 already. Plane ticket taken care of with money I’ve already made. Huzzah.

I’m currently reading The Plague, by Camus, about the bubonic plague hitting an Algerian town int he 1940’s. It’s very good, better, I think, than The Stranger. I also like that while there is a bit of a plot, and definitely a point, it’s very much just a chunk of time being described. I’m not done yet, but I think there won’t be much of a conclusion. While it’s descriptive of the horrors, it’s also very matter-of-fact and un-dramatic. I also just read The Road, which is a bit similar in tone, though not in style, and it’s all after the apocalypse, not during. But still, interesting things to read back to back. Side effect- I also now suspect everyone on the train with me of having plague. Awesome.

I’m going to go spend my last hour of being paid making dinner and reading. And maybe watching hulu.


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