Best phone rep ever

This is a story about an awesome and unexpected present from a cell phone rep.

So, just before my bill last month, I called and changed my rate plan (I promise this is going somewhere). Also last month, I got a phone call from an Israeli number, and called it back, and it turned out to be my great aunt, who was in california visiting my grandmother. Apparently, my grandmother won’t let her use the house phone, so she’s using her cell phone for everything. Unfortunately, she handed her cell phone over to my grandmother, who proceeded to talk my ear off for almost an hour. Enter a $61 international call charge. I procrastinated about the whole bill-paying thing until today. I called, and asked if I could get that international charge reduced, pleading ignorance and my grandmothers blabbermouth. He said sorry, nothing I can do. I am incapable of of throwing hissy fits with customer service people, so I gave up.

But then! About 5 minutes later, he called back. Apparently, because I changed my rate plan in that bill period, whoever did that change should have caught that and offered me an international calling plan, and so he was going to give me $50 of credit! Huzzah! What a nice man. He had felt bad because I sounded bummed out, and so he took a closer look at my account, and found a loophole to help me. That is awesome.

Anyway. Today I’m plugging away at my to-do list and making decent progress. The biggest things are writing this “I have no experience but hire me anyway” letter to the vets, and laundry. I’m doing a pretty good job of doing all the other little stuff to avoid those.

I was talking to John about how far away the Namibia trip is, and he said well, that’s half the fun, right? Looking forward to it? I mean, once it’s happened, then what? Which set my brain off, so now I’m thinking that next May I’ll go back to Costa Rica and volunteer at this awesome wildlife refuge place that we visited (the current header is a picture of a margay that I took there). So now I’m really excited about stuff through next may. And then Camp is after that, so I’m pretty much excited about the whole next year. There are just some months to slog through in between. But even those should be good.

Okay. Laundry is easier than writing, so I’m going to tackle that next.


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