So, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon

So far today, roughly in order, I fed the cats, bought cleaning and traveling supplies, including things I don’t really need like trash bags, but the house needs them so I figured I would be nice and buy them (and sponges) even though I won’t be around to use them. And then cleaned a bunch, dusted, swept, decluttered. And then I started packing, sort of. Mostly for Costa Rica, with a big pile of stuff for camp, but I need to wait till I get my laundry back to really pack for that. I also dropped my laundry off and bought some microwaveable food to minimize the effort of feeding myself today and tomorrow, and some popsicles because it is popsicle weather. And then I ate. I also spent time here and there reading stuff online. And now I’m exhausted. Not really exhausted like I just worked a full day and hauled stuff everywhere, but kind of worn out, and like I’d really like a nap. Which I could take, but I am leery of naps since I have a phobia of waking up at midnight and not being able to sleep but also not able to do anything and then sleeping way late the next day and/or being really tired a lot. In conclusion, I like the idea of naps, but I do not trust them. But I am very tired at the moment.

The laundry people said my stuff would be ready any time after 7 tonight. That seems really fast. I’m kind of tempted to go get it tonight and have that much more time to sort through everything. I seem to have a lot of clothes, somehow. I’m working on thinning the herd, but haven’t seemed to make a noticeable dent yet. I should also find boxes so I can ship my stuff tomorrow so I don’t have to check a bag. But then I have to pay for shipping. But I have to send one thing at least, since my parents got rid of the sleeping bag from last year. So I need one of those. But I could just use a camp one. But those are for kids. Who knows. I’m too tired to make these decisions. I think it’s time for a popsicle.


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