So, bad news. I didn’t get the job. Which I figured. I Had a really great interview, but I could tell that I wasn’t quite as qualified as they wanted. But, they’re keeping my resume on file, and checking in with me every now and then, so that’s good. I like possibilities.

In other news, I got a haircut, and I got bangs. It was a somewhat long decision process, I asked a bunch of people and played with my hair to try to picture it, and then I talked to the woman who cut it, someone who I know has really strong opinions about bangs, and is very good at knowing what looks good on people. And they look good. I am so pleased. They feel funny, and it’s weird to be able to see them on my upper peripheral vision, but I’ll get used to that. I’ll also have to get used to straightening  them every time I take a shower. But, it’s one little chunk of hair, easy to reach, so it’s not a big deal.

The cats seem to know that I’m leaving soon, which is weird since I haven’t started even started packing. But they are whiny and needy (more so than usual). I’m waiting till tomorrow to clean, and monday to pack, so everything will be a little rushed. Fun times.


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