Still nothing to tell

I think I may have caught up on the whole sleep thing. Just in time for two more days of work. Which I am sort of regretting taking. The good part, working with several people that I really like. The bad part, the whole two days are dragging really heaving cable around and making it go where it needs to go. The other bad part, two days of working in the heat when I could be doing nothing and getting ready for this whole summer thing. The other good part, money. Balance?

Speaking of this whole summer thing, I really need to start figuring stuff out. I’m going straight to Camp after Costa Rica, so I have to pack all of that stuff at the same time, but I don’t want to bring it with me, so I’m thinking about shipping it to myself. Which means packing it all in the dufflebag and making sure it fits, and then unpacking it all and repacking everything into a couple boxes and dragging them to the post office. Oog. I also have to time doing laundry in with this. I think what will end up happening is me planning a bunch of stuff, mostly in my head, and then not really doing anything about it until monday. Fun. Also, we’re in CR during the rainy season. So I need some rain gear. And some hiking shoes since we’re going to be doing that a lot. Should I just use the sneakers I have now for hiking? They’re not the best for it, but I already have them. But they’ll be utterly ruined by the mud. So maybe I should buy new ones. But hiking boots or shoes tend to cost a good amount, and do I really want to drop that on shoes I won;t really need after this trip? And they also usually take a little while to break in. So, I dunno. I figure ‘ll compromise and try to find some shoes with really good tread that aren’t too much money. Or are on sale. We’ll see what happens. I think Friday is going to be the shopping day. I also need a new zip up hoody and some water wicking socks. Or something. We’ll see about that as well.

Today is the last Tuesday Baking Club with Naya. Last time we made an onion tart and an apple tart. Both very good, but the onion one was a little lacking, so I’m going to remake that this time, combining it with my favorite favorite pie ever, the Easter Pie (aka Russian Vegetable) and creating my own Frankenstein recipe. And then we’re also making root beer float cupcakes. I’m excited. We also have to finish watching Persuasion. It will be a good night all around. Too bad I can’t stay too late because of the getting up early because of the having to run cable everywhere. Really heavy cable. Oog.


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