I have nothing to tell yet. Maybe sometime this week.

In other news, I found a subletter. It was a slightly torturous process. Sort of. Now that it’s over, it wasn’t that bad. Only 3 people actually came by to see the place, and one of them, while very nice, really didn’t seem to fit. So that helped. The other two, though, I kind of wanted to email and request closing arguments. It was between a guy and a girl, the guy was 26, nice, catsits a good bit for his boss and such, from the Bay Area. The girl was 23, loves cats, freelancer. She stuck around for about an hour talking to me, and I did really like her. But, two things tipped the scales. One, the guy seemed more pragmatic about taking care of cats. She seemed all into the catness, and not so much the cleaning up after. And two, she irritated me with emails. First, I told everyone I’d be having people over friday and sunday. Most people didn’t respond, everyone else who did picked friday. Then she asked if she could do thursday, and I said well, sure why not. I had planned on cleaning on friday, but then picked up work anyway, so I might as well do it thursday evening. Then she emailed me wednesday at about noon saying hey, I know we said tomorrow, but can we do today? I just really want to know if I have a place to live. Which was stupid, since I wasn’t going to pick anyone till after friday. But whatever, I didn’t even see the email until wednesday night, so it didn’t matter. In person she was fine, and excited about the cats. Then, after I told her was really busy, and so wouldn’t really make a decision or let anyone know until sunday, she emailed me saturday and asked if I knew yet. Sheesh. If she had just emailed saying hey, I just wanted to tell you again how much I liked it and the cats, that would have been fine. I might have even picked her. But I felt a little badgered. And the guy seemed more stable and responsible. And he likes reading, and I like that my books will be appreciated as well. So! That is taken care of, and I feel good about it.

It’s been grossly hot lately, and the cats are lying around in puddles of fur. I’ve also been working a lot, which is good money-wise, but exhausting. Three more days of work next week, and then I get the heck out of here, and go to more hot and humid, and then to just hot. That’ll be nice.

Speaking of Costa Rica, we’ve been hashing out details. Not too much, but getting a general time frame of stuff going. It sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I should try to recall more of my 8th grade spanish. Especially words like “sloth” and “I’d like 6 more of that thing I just ate” and “where are the jaguars”. This is going to be fun.


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