Sooo I’ve been pretty busy. And I’ve been holding my tongue. Which I’m going to keep doing until I actually have something to say. Suffice to say, I potentially have a pretty great opportunity, and I really want it.

As for the busyness, that looks like it’s going to continue right about until I leave for (wait for it) Costa Rica. Ha! And you thought I was just going to road trip around the square states! Yeah, so we’d decided on that and were trying to figure out some kind of car situation and general plan when out of the blue John said “or we could go to Costa Rica” and I kind of pounced on that, and airfare was comparable and car is a little cheaper and hotels are definitely cheaper (let’s ignore that we were probably going to camp most of the time in the other plan) as is food. So, balance. And it’s going to be awesome. His sister and her boyfriend are coming with us, and they’re good people to travel with, so I’m excited about that.

I have some free time right before we go, which is good because my next 4 days are a mess. And I leave so soon. Oh goodness. Today I have a rehearsal to see all afternoon and evening, tomorrow I take a bus up to boston (and pray I have somewhere to stay. No word on that yet) and then tuesday is tech, after which I have a super secret phone call, and then I have to take the bus back that evening, which gets me home around 3-4am (awesome) and I have to be in new jersey at 10am the next day to load in and cue the dance show, and then I am a whore for money and so agreed to work at 7am on thursday (whose idea was that?). Friday I have free, but it will be spent walking miles and miles and miles, and then saturday is the two dance performances, and then sunday I have off and I fully intend to sleep through it and then monday I strike the dance stuff, and than at the moment I have nothing to do for the next week until I get on a plane. That time will be spent preparing my room for a subletter.

I had to turn to craigslist for someone to rent out my room. I was hoping to get someone I knew, or a friend of a friend. But no one came through/needed it. I have to replies so far. One sounds pretty great, but is looking for a june 1st move, I need to ask her about that. The other was a really short reply, but potentially good, who wants to maybe come look at the room soon. I hope I get a few more options to choose from. Oog. I hate this process.

Time to reread a script.


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