Pre-preparing to leave. Almost.

I took a trapeze lesson yesterday, for the first time in months. I hurt. A lot. Clearly, I haven’t been using my arms nearly enough. Or my back. Or my stomach. Or most of my legs. Or the backs of my knees. And I have a rope burn between my toes. But, it was a really great class. I did a lot, both general strength stuff, and working on specific tricks again. I’m working towards getting my routine back, the one I did for the showcase in september. I want to perform it at camp, so I have about 7 weeks to train it.

I also have 7 weeks to find someone I trust to sublet and take care of the cats. No fun. I put out the call on facebook, so we’ll see what happens there. John and I are also looking at driving most of the way there, if not all the way. He gets a decent amount a vacation, but it is a long drive, so we might take more time, not go as far, and then I can fly from wherever we end up. As always when we make plans, he’s dragging his feet some and I’m champing at the bit. In this case, I have a somewhat legit reason- the camp is buying my plane tickets, so I need to tell them in good time where I’m coming from and all. I’d like to give them plenty of notice. So, we’ll see what happens with that. In any case, I’m excited about a road trip with him.


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