They totally have knees

Somehow a bumblebee the size of a volkswagon managed to get into my room. I say somehow, but I suspect is has to do with the fact that I put my ac in, and because of how my window is I can’t put it up quite the way you’re supposed to and there are some gaps, and I can’t really put my screen down anymore. I say size of a volkswagon, but it was really much smaller than that. It was still a giant fucking bee. Like, close to the size of my cats paw. Go find a cat, pick it up and imagine that one of it’s paws is a giant black and yellow fuzzy thing with wings and legs. Tell me that’s not unnerving. Especially when you first realize it’s in your room when you see it crawling across your bed. I may have said something along the lines of HOly Fuck. Also, in the 2 second it took me to turn and grab an empty glass to trap it under, it had disappeared.

Once it showed up again, I handled myself very well, opened the shade, trapped it on the glass when it flew, got a post card under it, opened one accordion side of the ac, and released the poor fucker.

I hope the rest of my day is less eventful.


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