So, that whole falling thing? Even I was making a big deal out of the hand because of the blood. It’s only natural. But that is healing up nicely into a little pink line that is occasionally tender. Meanwhile my shin has been quietly waiting and suffering silently. At least, silent until I worked on my feet all day yesterday, and then bumped my leg in to a cable (fairly lightly, small cable, carrying it, walking. Nothing dramatic) and it screamed for five minutes. And then my cat stepped on it later and it screamed for five more. I’m beginning to think this is a grade A bone bruise. Yay! It also hurts walking down stairs, I suspect because that makes the most use of ones shin muscles.  So, I guess more rest? I read something also about ice and ibuprofen, but I don’t really know how effective that is. We’ll see.

When it happened, someone mentioned a free clinic for industry people, I just need to bring 3000 worth of paystubs to prove that I make a living doing this, so I could get a tetanus shot since mine has lapsed and while the chances of me getting tetanus from this since it bled so much are slim to none, it’s a good thing to have. Especially for me and my track record of clumsiness. While researching that, I stumbled on a whole housing thing. That I’ve vaguely been looking for for a while. So now I’ve found several of these actor housing type places with open waiting lists, which is great. It may take a couple years, but the turnover for renting seems to not be too bad. So I have a bunch of those things to apply for. The only one with an online application doesn’t allow pets, of course. One of them is new, and not open for applications until the fall. I think I need to set an alert on my phone to remember to check again then. So I’m excited about that.

John’s been clearing out his room, finally going through and getting rid of stuff he doesn’t need. I’m going over there today with a measuring tape so we can start moving furniture around. I’ve learned the hard way to always measure stuff before you start pushing, even better if you draw it out. I’m excited about this, I always love rearranging a room.


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