Yesterday was a weird day. I started out in a really awful mood, for no discernible reason. I was getting really annoyed, and being me unable to voice that annoyance. Particularly when I was grounding for someone in a lift, and someone on the balcony was telling me where to push the lift. Which made sense because she could see where he needed to go. But still. I feel like the person in the lift should be directing. Since they’re the ones being pushed around. And I was so irritated that I couldn’t think of a constructive way to say hey, maybe he should be giving me directions, so I just kind of inwardly seethed. But then! In my annoyance, I was walking too fast in a narrow space, caught my foot on some carpet,reached out for the wall and got a screw in the hand, and landed with my shin on this bit of steel embedded in concrete. Every single thing that you would want to avoid back there, I hit. And after I washed the blood off my hand (a lot of blood. I love how all it takes to communicate that something is somewhat serious is your whole palm covered and dripping) and bandaged it up and took a look at the second knee I seemed to be growing, I was in a great mood. Falling jarred the irritation right out of me. So I kept working, since I could, and we got to the point where we were pretty much done, but the stamp collectors between us and the freight elevators weren’t, and we took a 3 hour long paid lunch. And went to a movie. This is the second time I’ve seen a movie on the clock and I tell you, it never gets old. We started working again around 6, and were done at about 7 05. Which means we clocked out at 8. Huzzah. Overall, a good day. And being hurt gave me reason to call out of the 4 hour calls I had today and tomorrow, so now I have some free time (not that I know what to do with it) and John is on vacation time and so far, it’s been a good day off. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some books to read and some cat food to have delivered.


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