Let loose the kraken

(John and I watched the 1981 Clash of the Titans last night. Their kraken looked an awful lot like Godzilla.)

I’m not sick anymore! I know, it was over two weeks ago, of course I’m not still sick. Although I do still have an occasional wheezy cough left over. And it was The Worst Sickness Ever, so I’m still celebrating that it’s gone.

Anyway. Also! There was Passover! And John actually came with me! I have no idea why he agreed, the past couple years he won’t even let me finish asking before he says no. But this year, he said yes, and then stuck to that. And of course, he had a great time. Like I knew he would. So that was really great, to get to share my favorite holiday and my family with him.

We’re also maybe edging towards living together? I’m not sure. I keep mentioning to him that I want to, particularly at times when he has to take me home, or we’re not together, but both want to cook the same thing. All good instances of how “this wouldn’t happen if we lived together”. But at the same time, it was a little … not awkward, but something. Because he’s looking for a place to buy, and if he buys a studio, or a small one bedroom, or a place far from a subway stop, then there’s no chance of us living together. Which is fine, but I’d like it to be a choice, rather than a “well, this is what I could find” thing, you know? Like, if we’re not going to live together, let’s decide that and I’ll back off. Or if we are, then let’s sit down and figure out how much we can afford, and what we want in a place, and I can contribute and be a part of it. I mostly told him that a few days ago, but of course less coherently. He said we’d figure it out, and that it would be interesting and fun. Which I agree with. There would definitely be an adjustment period, but there always is, with everything. It would also be really nice to settle into being able to spend time together without doing anything together. Like, I could catch up on all the journals I read, and not be ignoring him. Because he would be reading scuba boards. So anyway. While it may not happen soon, I do like that we’re moving towards seriously thinking about it. Baby steps.

Tenaya and I have been baking, which is all sorts of fun. A few weeks ago I suddenly wanted a white cake with chocolate frosting and mentioned this to her, and she decided that we should make it. Then last week we made a strawberry rhubarb pie with a lattice crust. It turned out fantastic. We were so pleased with ourselves. Next week I want to make a poached pear pie with gruyere baked into the crust. It’s definitely more involved, and a lot more ingredients, so we’ll see what happens. Next tuesday (the ideal baking day) also happens to be the birthday of my new roommate/Tenaya’s boyfriend’s good friend, so we might see if there’s a particular pie that he wants.

This last week has been really warm, a couple days ago it got up to 90degrees, and I was waking up in the middle of the night because I was sweating. So two nights ago I put my air conditioner back up. Today it is 50 degrees. Of course. I knew that would happen, that the warmth was just a teaser and we’d be back to the regularly scheduled cool spring weather soon, but it was so unbearably hot, especially with John the Human Heater here that I had to.

I have work these days, which is good, but it’s every other day, which makes it hard to settle into a schedule. I suppose I could just pretend I have work every day and get up early, so it’s not so jarring when I actually do the next day, but that would be sensible, and I am all about the staying up late and sleeping in when I can.

I had other little bits to write about, but I can’t remember, as usual.

Oh! I actually got to light a dance show again, that was fun. It was at Colombai, right after the BHP play, and I was able to have to plots overlap with minimal changes, so that was good. And it was a lot of fun. After the strike, I was invited to a Rock Band party at the director of the play’s house, which was awesome. I’m usually not around for their strikes, so I miss all the cast parties, which is fine, I’m not a student, and not so connected to them. But at this point I’ve worked with several of them for a few years, and it was nice to be invited. And it was a lot of fun, to the point where I actually sang some stuff. Highly out of character, but a lot of fun, even if I did murder Bad Reputation. Good thing I started out with Losing My Religion, which I apparently know way better than I thought.

Okay, there are some stale peeps in the kitchen calling my name. The stale ones are the best. I left this batch out on the windowsill for a few days, they should have cured nicely.


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