Vacation, all I ever wanted

Holy pants. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I tried to post from my phone one more time, and it got eaten, and I got frustrated. But I survived Fashion, worked a ton (165 hours in 15 days), made a minor barrel of money, went to Aruba, came back, realized that with bills and paying for Aruba, I am still broke, and need more work. Yay!

But the last few weeks have been all sorts of fun. I worked with really great people, and worked really hard, and I like that kind of work. To a point. It ended at about the right time for me. On the last night they had an open tab at a bar, and I got completely drunk and found out the hard way that if you work for 15 hours, don’t drink much water, and don’t eat that much later in the day, and then down 5 drinks in an hour and a half, you will have a godawful hangover the next day. It was terrible. I’ve never gotten motion-sick before, but I felt so nauseous every time I had to take a train. And I had to take several the next day. It was a crazy couple days doing last minute shopping and packing, and then I said goodbye to the cats, and hopped on a plane. It was so nice there. Kind of hot, and the all-inclusive food went down in quality while we were there (though they did have consistently awesome pizza. And a self-serve icecream dispenser thing. And endless drinks.) but otherwise, fantastic. I did some lying around, and some reading, and then surprised myself by actually snorkeling. The water so nice and warm and salty-buoyant, and everyone else kept exclaiming about various fish everywhere, so I gave in. And it was fun! I managed not to be too terrified, and I saw a ton of cool stuff. I went twice, once the first day (or second? It all blends together) and once on the last full day. That one was way better. There was a line of squid hanging out, just bobbing there checking everything out, and a green sea turtle(!) and giant schools of fish that came and nibbled my hands, and huge sea urchins, and some anemones, and coral everywhere. Totally worth getting over a fear for.

Most of the time I hung out and read, there wasn’t much else to do at the hotel (eat, drink and swim being the other options), and it was nice and relaxing. I went out on the scuba boat one day, which was fun, but resulted in massive heat rash. Apparently I’m now prone to that, which blows. Then the past day we rented jeeps and went out to the undeveloped side of the island, which was fantastic. All rocky and cacti and lizards and wild ocean. Aaaand I got sunburned. While looking at tidepools. Totally worth it. But annoying, since I’d been putting on sunscreen all day. By my guess, it wore off while I was at the tidepools, and I got about 10-15 minutes of sun. And being that close to the equator, plus me and my delicate lilywhite complexion, equals massive burn. Oh well. Then we went back through the island, looked at some donkeys, and back up to the beach where all the good snorkeling was. The guys went back the next morning, and I stayed inside, coating myself with aloe and hugging the ac.

The airport getting out was hellish. They said to get there 3 hours ahead, which turned out to be cutting it a bit close. Ticketing line. Then passport inspection. Then security. Then pick up your checked bags, and wait in the Longest Line Ever for Customs. Who didn’t even stamp my passport. And then security again, just in case you found some contraband while waiting in a line. Jesus. It was about 3 hours of lines. But then the plane was delayed about 20 minutes so we were about to get something to eat.

And now I’m back. The cats are happy about that, and I am glad to be somewhere that my heat rash can chill the fuck out and go away. But it was nice. And now I’ve had a real, stereotypical vacation. And pictures to prove it.

John and I in the water. It really did look like a freaking postcard. All the time.


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