Back to the grind

Yep. Just worked it out. Paying off two closed down credit cards, one in lump and one in installments, and paying rent, and paying John back for half of Aruba leaves me with 50 bucks. Awesome. Fortunately my roommates owe me for the gas bill I paid before I left. And internet. Time to find more work!

It’s impressive how easily I slipped right back into lying in bed watching hulu all day, dreading looking for work. If it weren’t for the utter mess of my room (didn’t put laundry away before I left, haven’t unpacked) and the sunburn, I would feel like I never left. This sucks. But at least I got an awesome vacation in. That makes things better.

EDIT- Not that broke, it turns out. No panic! Can buy cat food! And people food!


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