Madeline has started teaching silks classes at her house (which has huge ceilings and some handy I-beams) and tonight she had too many people, so I came and did some trapeze with them to distract them. But she also split them into two different times, so I was a little moot, but it was still fun. Mostly I worked on shoulder exercises and some ab strength stuff, but a couple got to do some actual sitting up and all. It was kind of fun. I was pretty nervous about teaching adults, for one, they’re my size so spotting is harder. But also I was nervous about how to talk to them. With kids, I babble and keep up a stream of banter and I can be serious when I need to, but I can also be really silly, and I wasn’t sure how to teach without that. (not that you can’t be silly with grownups, just if I did it the same way they would probably think I was totally nuts.) But it went well. I certainly don’t want to do it in general, but I think I sort of could. I think I have a lot to learn about teaching first, though. You have to know something so much better in order to teach it than to do it. You have to put everything that you do into words, and intelligible words at that. Describing what muscles to use, and how to pull, and all that, you really have to study what you yourself do, and I’m pretty out of shape and need to remind myself of all that in the first place.

But, we were doing super basic stuff, and people seemed to like it, and I had fun, and got paid. Which was awesome and slightly unexpected. I’m thinking in a few months, if/when I have money, buying a slightly smaller bar and starting up a kids class. I like working with them. Be good side money to make.

Time, I think, for a shower and then sleep. Trapeze was about the only thing I did, but it was fairly intense to teach for 2 hours straight, and all the demonstrating means lots of sore muscles tomorrow. Too bad I don’t have a ceiling like that, I’d play more. Also too bad I don’t have buckets of money, I’d take more classes and be better at it, and watch how to teach. Someday.


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