So, I got my fashion week schedule from one company. It’s lame. All different shows, shitty hours. Oh well. And, only 66 hours, spread over 2 weeks. I also have 2 days of  unrelated stuff (at a better rate, yay) and 1 confirmed day with another company, 3 unconfirmed. And you can always pick up other calls as you go. So, going to be all over the place. With a little estimating, I figure I’m making about what I usually do from fashion, but because I’ve lost almost all overtime possibilities (I’m getting a few from stuff after midnight, but that’s going to be it) I’m working 14 days instead of 8, for the same money. And it’s worth a little less these days, yay dollar. Oh well. 14 days, 108 (estimated) hours, I’ll be busy at least. And it justifies getting an unlimited subway card again, and I’ll totally get my money’s worth from that. I hate watching the numbers go down as I use my regular one these days.

It’s frustrating, though, I thought I was going to be working with my regular boss, in one space, for the whole time. I feel a little mislead, though I wasn’t really. Just because he said there were back to back big shows in the space I wanted to be in doesn’t mean he was hinting that I would be on them. I am just change adverse, I guess, and need to get over it. I like the majority of people I run into in this business anyway, so working with new crews isn’t the end of the world. I just really liked that group that we had going. Before the old company folded and fucked us all. Bah.

But, yay work. Look at all that pretty work just waiting and lined up. Think happy.

I also met an actor from a shiny pretty tv show *cough*fuglybetsy*cough* today, and he was very nice and said he’d ask around at work and see if anyone needed an assistant. Chances of anything happening? Slim to none. How completely nice and sincere was he? Totally. So that helped brighten my day after getting my sad hours list, and being completely soaked by rain in the 2 blocks to the subway. It ended on a high note. As will this post. Ding!


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