I’ve been working! Hurray! It’s been very nice to be active and talking to people and all. And we’re getting close to february which means I can stop applying for any jobs for a little while since just about everything wants me to work during fashion, and that is not something I want to trade. So yay! Also, the late february Aruba trip just dropped by about 300 bucks, which is fantastic. To sum up, things are looking up.

I have work tonight, but a short call. It’s good because it’s work, it’s bad because I’m working for a crazy bitch. The kind who you can tell is kind of nuts in general, but it lurks most of the time, and then comes out at weird and stupid times. The angry kind of nuts. But whatever, it’s 5 hours. And then I have some free days of sleeping and hanging out with John and Madeline. It’ll be pretty fun.

Weird. Now I have nothing to talk about because I’m busy and happy. I got to hang out with Tenaya a couple time recently, which was fun. She’s moving back to California at the end of the summer, so we’re trying to hang out more before then. We were going to go ice skating, but it’s been too warm. I do love the 40 degree weather. I can wear a jacket and not a coat. This is what I get excited about now. Also, laundry.

I was going to try to lose weight before Aruba, what with the beach and sun and all, but then I realized I have Fashion first, so I’ll just work really hard then and eat nothing but chicken sandwiches and salads and stuff. It’s worked before. I love having a workout built into my work.

I haven’t been reading as much lately, which is a bit of a downer, but not a huge one. There’s another book club meeting towards the beginning of february, so I’ll do that.

Okay. I’m babbling. Nothing really to say. Yay work. Yay future plans. Yay lack of boredom. Yay.


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