Argh. Did not get a job that I wanted. Waited almost a month to hear that. Oh well. They did like me, and there will be opportunities in the future, they’ll keep me in mind since they did like me, blah blah. Thanks. Oh well.

Also on the grouchy front, still waiting for a check from mid november. Going to call on monday and yell.

On the non grouchy front, have a few days of work coming up next week (okay, in a week) and also will be in a music video for a friend next saturday. So, that’s exciting. Should be a lot of fun, and the song is a good one.

I haven’t been doing much, so there’s not much to report. I applied for more work today. This is getting tiring and boring and stressful. And yes, I know, I shouldn’t have quit the data entry job I had. It may have sucked, but it was work. I’m telling myself I’d rather be broke and happy. Except this job stress does not spell happy. Really, I just need to hold on and stretch everything until Fashion. That’s where my money is. And I’m hoping the main company I work for needs some drafting before then. That would be awfully helpful.

Everyone keeps saying that the economy is doing better, stocks are up, hopeful blah blah. Sure, it’s on it’s way back. But since I work for all the companies that throw the parties, I can tell you it’ll be a while before it’s back. December is supposed to be a good month for my kind of work, and every december that I’m here, it gets worse. So. The economy is still sucking. Whee! Oh well. I’m still swimming.


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